NĀHAR SIṄGH MĀN (d. 1806) was born the son of Sarjā Siṅgh Mān (d. 1763) of Mughal Chakk in Gujrāṅwālā district, now in Pakistan. Like his brothers, Pahāṛ Siṅgh Mān and Jai Siṅgh Mān, he entered the service of Mahāṅ Siṅgh Sukkarchakkīā and participated in his military campaigns. He took part in the early campaigns of Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh. In 1802, when after the conquest of Amritsar, Raṇjīt Siṅgh marched on Akālgaṛh, then ruled by Dal Siṅgh, Nāhar Siṅgh was given command of a troop of horse.

         Nāhar Siṅgh died at an early age in 1806.


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B. J. Hasrat