NĀNAK CHAND (d. 1831), the eldest son of Hoshnāk Rāi and a brother of Dīwān Sāvan Mall, governor of Multān in Sikh times, entered the service of Dal Siṅgh of Akālgaṛh in 1788. He served that chief until his death in 1804 when the estate of Akālgaṛh, which was held as a dependency of the Sukkarchakkīā family, fell by escheat into the hands of Raṇjīt Siṅgh. Nānak Chand then left his native town and entered the force of Dīwān Muhkam Chand under whom he served in positions of considerable trust. He was employed on collecting the revenues of Multān and Kashmīr. He died in 1831 and his grandson, Rām Chand, succeeded to this appointment. Rām Chand was made chamberlain receiving the charge of the Mahārājā's private seal. He built large tanks at Nankāṇā, the birthplace of Gurū Nānak, and founded a Sanskrit school at Amritsar.


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