NĀNAK, by Kṣitīsh Chakravarty, is a versified biography of Gurū Nānak (1469-1539) in Bengali. The author, a lawyer by profession, was of a devout temperament. He was attracted to the teaching of Gurū Nānak whom he hails as an harbinger of the bhaktī movement, spreading the gospel of love and devotion among the people of the Indian subcontinent. The book was published in 1916. As for his sources, the poet refers solely to Annie Basant's Children of the Motherland, but it seems he was not wholly unaware of some of the writings on Sikhs published in the Bhāratī and other contemporary Bengali journals.

         The poem begins with Gurū Nānak's birth at Talvaṇḍī, and recounts his early schooling in the village pāṭhsālā, his encounter with the qādī and other episodes of his early life. There is also a detailed description of the travels of the Gurū, beginning with his visit to Haridvār, down to Rāmeswaram in the far south, via Vārāṇasī and Purī. However, there is little chronological sequence in the poet's account of these journeys, nor does it coincide with the generally accepted route recorded in the janam sākhī literature. With the exception of the journey to Mecca, the poet makes no mention of the Gurū's visit to any other place outside of India. He rounds off his account with the Gurū's return from Mecca and finally settling down at Kartārpur on the right bank of the River Rāvī.


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Himādrī Banerjee