NĀNAKĪ, BEBE, or Bībī Nānakī (1464-1518), elder sister of Gurū Nānak and the daughter of Kaliāṇ Chand (Bābā Kālū) and Mātā Triptā, was born in 1464 in her mother's home at the village of Chāhal, now in Lahore district of Pakistan Punjab. Five years older than her brother, she was the first to recognize his spiritual eminence and to become his devotee. She was married in 1475 to Jai Rām, an official at the court of Nawāb Daulat Khān Lodhī at Sultānpur. Herself childless, Bebe Nānakī adored her brother, Nānak, and felt herself blessed when he came to join the Nawāb's service and put up with her at Sultānpur. She arranged his marriage, and she loved his sons, Srī Chand and Lakhmī Dās, as her own. Gurū Nānak reciprocated her affection and, after he had quit the Nawāb's service to go out to preach his message, he did not fail to visit Sultānpur and meet his sister between whiles. Once as he visited her in 1518, Bebe Nānakī, seeing her end near, detained him a short while. As she had wished, she departed this life in the presence of her brother-Gurū. Three days later, her husband, Jai Rām, also expired. Gurū Nānak himself performed their obsequies.


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