NAND RĀM, one of the poets who kept Gurū Gobind Siṅgh (1666-1708) company, was the son of a well-known Sūfī poet, Valī Rām. He had been in the service of Dārā Shukoh, who, having lost the struggle for succession to his father's throne, was executed by his brother, Emperor Auraṅgzīb, in 1659 : When he came under the patronage of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh is not known. Two of his poems, Nand Pachīsī and Kaṛkhā Gurū Gobind Siṅgh Kā, both in Gurmukhī script, have survived. The former describing Kaliyuga, the contemporary Age of Darkness, was written in 1687 and the latter, an ode on the life of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh, sometime after the battle of Chamkaur (1705).


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Piārā Siṅgh Padam