NARENDRA SIṄGH SANDHĀṄVĀLĪĀ (b. 1868), third son of Thākur Siṅgh Sandhāṅvālīā who was prime minister of Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh's emigre government in Pondicherry. Born in 1868, he was 18 years old when he accompanied his father to that French territory to the south of Madrās. Narendra Siṅgh was betrothed to the daughter of Rāo Umrāo Siṅgh of Kuṭesar, near Meerut. In August 1887, Ṭhākur Siṅgh died at Pondicherry, but Narendra Siṅgh and his brothers were not allowed to return to British India until 1890. Narendra Siṅgh, after his return from Pondicherry, lived at Meerut with his father-in-law, and was later adopted by Kaṅvar Dharam Siṅgh of Dādrī.


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