NAVALĀ, BHĀĪ, and his brother, Bhāī Nihālā, Sabharvāl Khatrīs of Paṭnā, were devoted Sikhs respected widely for their truthful and hospitable nature. Once they called on Gurū Hargobind and besought instruction. According to Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, Gurū Hargobind taught them always to remember God and serve others with humility.

         Bhāī Navalā and Bhāī Nihālā were popular expounders of the sacred hymns as well as trained soldiers. They served in Gurū Hargobind's retinue. As records Bhāī Santokh Siṅgh, Srī Gur Pratāp Sūraj Granth, Navalā, in command of a platoon during the battle of Amritsar, was assigned to the task of evacuating the Gurū's family to Goindvāl via Jhabāl. Nihālā died in action the following day.


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