NIHĀL SIṄGH AROṚĀ, an apothecary who with Ṭhākur Siṅgh Sandhāṅvālīā visited the deposed Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh in England in 1884, was the son of Musaddā Siṅgh Aroṛā of the village of Chāṭīviṇḍ , in Amritsar district. He had known Ṭhākur Siṅgh, who campaigned ceaselessly for the restoration of Duleep Siṅgh to the throne of the Punjab, from the time he had spent in his ancestral village, Rājā Sāṅsī. Nihāl Siṅgh stayed in England for six months as the Mahārājā's guest. In 1886, he travelled to Bombay to receive the exiled sovereign who was meant to be returning to India. But the Mahārājā was detained midway and not allowed to reach the Indian shore.


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K. S. Thāpar