NIHĀL SIṄGH, BĀVĀ, resident of Srī Hargobindpur in Gurdāspur district, was originally an employee of the princely state of Kalsīā serving in the police department. Later, he went over to Mahārājā Bikram Siṅgh of Farīdkoṭ. Bāvā Nihāl Siṅgh belonged to the Kūkā or Nāmdhārī sect and was the author of an Urdu book, Khurshīd Khālsā, published in 1885, in which he extolled Bābā Rām Siṅgh Kūkā as the eleventh Gurū of the Sikhs. The book made sympathetic references to Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh and Mahārāṇī Jind Kaur, expressing the hope that the former would be restored as ruler of the Punjab by the Queen of England. The Lahore Khālsā Dīwān rejected the book as "unauthorized". Its contents were represented as seditious as well as being subversive of the Sikh tenet. Nihāl Siṅgh was expelled from membership of the Siṅgh Sabhā.


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K. S. Thāpar