NIHĀL SIṄGH SOḌHĪ (d. 1859), son of Megh Siṅgh, entered Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's army in 1819, and was, five years later, made commandant of 100 horsemen in the Chāryārī corps. He fought for Mahārājā Sher Siṅgh during the siege of Lahore in January 1841. Under Sher Siṅgh's successor, Nihāl Siṅgh was sent in command of 1,000 horse to administer the area of Dhannī which was in a state of insurrection. He shot the leader of the insurgents dead and by his vigour and severity soon reduced the country to submission. After Rājā Hīrā Siṅgh's death, Nihāl Siṅgh was sent to Shāhpur district to keep the tribes of the bār in order and in 1847, after the first Anglo-Sikh war, he was made an adālatī or judge. A few months later he was transferred to Jalandhar in the same capacity. After the annexation of the Punjab by the British, Nihāl Siṅgh was assigned to civil duties. He restored order in the region between Jehlum and Attock.

         Nihāl Siṅgh died in 1859.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā