NIHĀL SIṄGH, of Naushahrā near Tarn Tāran in Amritsar district of the Punjab, was among the close associates of the Sikh revolutionary, Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh (d. 1856), who assigned him to many a secret mission such as procuring weapons from Chaṛhat Siṅgh, an ex-kārdār, and helping Bhāī Ṭek Chand of Amritsar who had been charged with distributing "turbans" on his (Mahārāj Siṅgh's) behalf among volunteers and zamīndārs who offered to join his standard. He also went incognito to Lahore and Wazīrābād for collecting information about the strength of British forces at those cantonments. Nihāl Siṅgh was arrested along with Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh on the night of 28-29 December 1849, but was released soon after. According to his statement, 2,000 men had volunteered to join the rebellion in the Doābā.


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M. L. Āhlūwālīā