NOHAR (29º-12'N, 74º-45'E) in Gaṅgānagar district of Rājasthān, was visited by Gurū Gobind Siṅgh during his journey towards the South in 1706. He encamped near Chhīp Tālāī, a pond south-east of the town. The local inhabitants, mostly followers of Jain and Vaiṣṇava faiths, viewed the armed band of the Gurū's disciples with trepidation. The accidental trampling of a pigeon inside the town by a Sikh gave rise to much commotion. However, the Gurū's arrival at the scene pacified the people who were deeply impressed by his holy manner. The incident had occurred near the house of a barber family who later constructed a platform at the spot. There were no Sikhs in the town and no gurdwārā was established until the site was acquired by some Sikh settlers in 1908. More Sikh families arrived after 1947. A gurdwārā has since been raised. It is known as Gurdwārā Kābūtar Sāhib.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)