AJAB, BHĀĪ, a Jaṭṭ of Saṅghā clan who lived in the village of Ḍaraulī, now called Ḍaraulī Bhāī, in Farīdkoṭ district of the Punjab. He, like his brothers Umar Shāh and Ajāib, forsook his faith in Sultān Sakhī Sarwar, became a Sikh and rendered devoted service at the time of the construction of the Harimandar at Amritsar. The three brothers were appointed masands, or parish leaders, in the areas of Mogā, Zīrā and Dharamkoṭ. They often used to quote Gurū Arjan's line: "If God so wills, He may keep one alive even after breath had departed the body. " They were especially gratified once to have the line expounded by the Gurū himself.


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Tāran Siṅgh