AJṚĀṆĀ KALĀṄ, village in Kurukshetra district of Haryāṇā, 12 km south-west of Shāhābād (30-10'N, 76-53'E), is sacred to Gurū Tegh Bahādur who stopped here in 1670 while on his way from Delhi to join his family at Lakhnaur. A Mañjī Sāhīb established to commemorate the visit of the Gurū exists on the southern side of the village. It consists of a small octagonal domed structure, built on a wider base. The Gurdwārā is administered privately by a Sikh family of the village. A civil suit for the control of the shrine is going on between this family and the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee as represented by the Gurdwārā Committee of Shāhābād.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)