AKĀLĪĀṄ DI CHHĀUṆĪ, also called Chhāuṇī Nihaṅgāṅ, situated outside Ghī Maṇḍī Sherāṅvālā Gate, Amritsar, was the seat of the Sikh warrior and hero, Akālī Phūlā Siṅgh (d. 1823). The present six-storeyed burj (tower) was built by the Nihaṅgs, a warrior sect of the Sikhs, in the early twentieth century with public donations. The ground floor of the tower consists of a big hall with four doors. The upper storeys have windows opening on all sides. The dome at the top is built of concrete. The central hall has a marble floor. A small shrine dedicated to Gurū Hargobind stands in the precincts of the Chhāuṇī. It commemorates the akhāṛā (wrestling pit) where Sikhs in the time of Gurū Hargobind practised physical feats. Adjoining the shrine is an old well said to have been got dug by Gurū Hargobind.

Gurnek Siṅgh