AKHBĀR DARBĀR LAHORE, an unpublisḥed collection of 92 letters, reports, notes and summaries of events connected with the second Anglo-Sikh war, 1848-49. The manuscript, in Persian, is preserved in Dr Gaṇḍā Siṅgh Collection at Punjabi University, Paṭiālā. The entire manuscript comprises 382 pages. These documents are communications written by or summaries of those received or procured by newswriters employed by the British and stationed at Lahore. The earliest of these is dated 23 August 1848 and the last 25 January 1849. A number of them are undated, too, but they relate to this very period. Several of those initiating from Lahore are by "Lālā Harsaran Dās, Akhbārnawīs, Darbār Lahore. " Other places from which these papers originated include Multān, Fīrozpur, Bahāwalpur and Rāmnagar. A 4- page "Persian translation of a letter in English" gives an eye-witness account of the battle fought at Rāmnagar on 22 November 1848.

Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)