ALLĀHDĀD KHĀN (d. 1843) was the last ruler of Khaṭṭekhēl family of Ṭonk, situated in Bannū district, on the northwest frontier. When Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh conquered this region in 1821, Allāhdād Khān became a tributary of the Sikh government. As the tribute had fallen in arrears, an expedition was sent against Ṭoṅk in 1836. Allāhdād Khān fled, but he continued his intrigues against the Sikhs. In 1843, Fateh Khān Ṭiwāṇā, who was sent to curb his revolt, proposed that Allāhdād Khān be appointed governor of Ṭonk to secure peace in the territory. The proposal was still under consideration of the Lahore Darbār when Allāhdād Khān died.


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Harī Rām Gupta