ALLARD, BENJAMIN (1796 1877), step-brother of General Allard, born at Saint-Tropez in 1796, was sent to Lahore in 1829 in order to replace his brother as the military adviser of Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh, but the two brothers failed to win the confidence of the Mahārājā, who would not release General Allard from his duties. Benjamin then acted as his brother's deputy for various commercial missions between Lahore and Calcutta, along with Falcon and Meifredy. In 1830 he returned to Saint-Tropez to manage the General's financial investments in France. From 1835 onwards he looked after Bannou Pān Deī and her children in Saint-Tropez, and in 1840 he returned to Lahore with Achille Allard in order to collect the General's inheritance. Nothing is known about him after his return to Saint-Tropez, except that he died there on 6 February 1877.

J. M. Lafont