AMARGAṚH, village 3 km east of Goniāṇā Maṇḍī (30º-18'N, 74º-54'E) in Baṭhiṇḍā district of the Punjab, has an old shrine, Gurdwārā Vidyāsar Pātshāhī Satviṅ, dedicated to Gurū Har Rāi (1630-61) who, according to local tradition, visited the site during his stay at Bhokhaṛī, since renamed Har Rāipur. Amargaṛh was then called Jhabluṭṭi. The shrine was looked after by a line of Udāsī priests until the early 20th century. The present building of the Gurdwārā, constructed in 1912, comprises a dīvān hall with a verandah on three sides. The Gurdwārā is managed by a committee of the local saṅgat.

Jagjīt Siṅgh