ANAND SIṄGH, RĀI (d. 1827), vakīl or agent of the Sikh kingdom, belonged to the famed Bhaṇḍārī family of Baṭālā founded by Bhāg Mall, a wealthy adventurer. In 1809, Anand Siṅgh was appointed an agent of the Sikh Darbār at Ludhiāṇā, the British military station and political agency. He was later sent as the Darbār's envoy to the British resident at Delhi. He had a good knowledge of Persian and English and accompanied Sir Charles Metcalfe on the successful expedition against Bharatpur undertaken by Lord Combermere in January 1826, receiving on his return from Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh the title of Rāi with a robe of honour. Rāi Anand Siṅgh died in 1827.


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B. S. Nijjar