ATAR SIṄGH AṬĀRĪVĀLĀ (d. 1897), son of Chatar Siṅgh Aṭārīvālā, governor of Hazārā. He joined his father during the latter's revolt against the British in 1848-49 and was, after the annexation of the Punjab, confined within the limits of his village, along with his father and brother, Rājā Sher Siṅgh. With his father and brother, he was removed to Allāhābād in January 1850, and thence to Calcutta. In January 1854, he was released from confinement. Atar Siṅgh chose Rāe Bareilly in the then North West Province for his residence and gradually severed his connection with the Punjab. He died in 1897, leaving behind a son, Prem Siṅgh.


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Gaṇḍā Siṅgh