ĀTMĀ SIṄGH, also remembered as Ātmā Rām, was a faqīr of Shujā'bād, near Multān, who received the Sikh rites under the influence of Bābā Khudā Siṅgh. Before his initiation into the Sikh faith, he lived in a dharamsālā at Shujā'bād which received a grant of Rs. 100 from the government. This grant reached him every six months, but he used to disburse it, both cash and kind, to the needy within a day or two, and himself subsisted on alms for the remaining period until the next grant was received. He was well familiar with musical measures or rāgas, and Bābā Khudā Siṅgh called him Aṭh (eight) Rāgā Siṅgh. He knew the entire 1430-page scripture by heart, and could recite the whole of it within 16 pahars or 48 hours. Once he performed the feat in the presence of Bābā Sāhib Siṅgh Bedī of Ūnā. Around 1900 Bk/AD 1843, he came to Bābā Bīr Siṅgh at Nauraṅgābād. In 1902 Bk/AD 1845 he shifted to Amritsar which became his last resting place.


    Sher Siṅgh, Srī Bīr Mrigesh Gur Bilās Dev Trū.

Dharam Siṅgh