BACHITTAR SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (d. 1921), was a granthī (officiant) at the gurdwārā in Chakk No. 85 Ḍallā Chandā Siṅghvālā in Sheikhūpurā, in the newly colonized irrigation district in western Punjab. Nothing is known about his parentage or the date and place of his birth. He had arrived at the village in the company of a Nāṅgā sādhū as a boy of 10 or 12 years and had stayed on in the local gurdwārā. He had learnt to read Gurmukhī and the holy text from the granthī whom he replaced after the latter had left. On the night of 19-20 February 1921, he was participating in an akhaṇḍ pāṭh, unbroken reading of the Gurū Granth Sāhib, in a neighbouring village, when a jathā of reformist Akālīs under the leadership of Bhāī Lachmaṇ Siṅgh passed that way. The jathā was proceeding to Nankāṇā Sāhib. Bachittar Siṅgh had another granthī replace him on the akhaṇḍ pāṭh roster and joined the jathā going to Nankāṇā Sāhib. At Nankāṇā Sāhib he, along with other members of the jathā, was showered with bullets by the mahant's men.



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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī