BAHILOL, BHĀĪ, a resident of Qādīviṇḍ, a village near Kasūr, now in Pakistan, was a devotee of Gurū Amar Dās. Once the Gurū visited Qādīviṇḍ at his request and, pleased at his devotion, promised him any boon he might ask of him. Bhāī Bahilol spoke humbly : "Nothing is permanent in this world, Lord ! Grant me therefore the only boon worth asking for, that is, I may always remember God's Name. " The Gurū gave him his blessing. The memorial gurdwārā dedicated to Gurū Amar Dās and constructed on the land donated by Bhāī Bahilol was looked after by a line of Udāsī priests until the partition of the Punjab in 1947. The samādh of Bhāī Bahilol also existed near the gurdwārā.


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Balbīr Siṅgh Dil