BAHOṚŪ, BHĀĪ, a Khoslā Khatrī of Lahore, received initiation at the hands of Gurū Arjan. As Bhāī Bidhī Chand in Gurū Hargobind's time went to Lahore to rescue the second of the two horses belonging to Bhāī Karoṛī, a horse-dealer of Kābul, who was bringing the pair as an offering for the Gurū but which had been forcibly taken away by the faujdār, Qāsim Beg of Lahore, he stayed with Bhāī Bahoṛū. The latter, a cloth-merchant by profession, provided garments for Bhāī Bidhī Chand to disguise himself as an astrologer in order to beguile the faujdār and his servants, and recover the horse.


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Tāran Siṅgh