BAISĀKHĀ SIṄGH, DĪWĀN (d. 1844), soldier and administrator in the service of Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh, was the son of Dīwān Kāhn Siṅgh Chamiārīvālā. In 1831, he accompanied Kaṅvar Sher Siṅgh and General Ventura to Peshāwar to put down the tumult raised by Sayyid Ahmad Barelavī. When in 1832 Kaṅvar Sher Siṅgh was appointed governor of Kashmīr, Dīwān Baisākhā Siṅgh was attached to him as a special assistant. Owing to some complaints received against him, he was recalled to Lahore, tried for fraud, and fined 1, 25, 000 rupees. He regained the Darbār's favour in 1835 and was given an assignment which took him to Peshāwar. In 1844, he earned the displeasure of Rājā Hīrā Siṅgh, the prime minister, and fled Lahore to take refuge with Bhāī Bīr Siṅgh of Nauraṅgābād. He was captured by a force led by Miāṅ Lābh Siṅgh and executed in May 1844.


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G. S. Chhābṛā