BĀLĀ JHIṄGAṆ, a learned Brāhmaṇ who was known for his skill in debate and discourse. Accompanied by another learned Brāhmaṇ, Kishnā, of the same Jhiṅgaṇ sub-caste, he visited Gurū Arjan. Both confessed to the Gurū that despite their knowledge of the sacred texts and despite their ability to sway their audiences with their erudition, they had obtained little spiritual advantage. The Gurū, as says Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, advised them to address their preachings to themselves and act on those preachings. They fell at the Gurū's feet and took to his teaching. They became ardent preachers of the Sikh faith.


    Manī Siṅgh, Bhāī, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā. Amritsar, 1955

Tāran Siṅgh