BASĀVĀ SIṄGH, a resident of the village of Sūjovāl in Gurdāspur district of the Punjab, was a close associate of Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh, who led a revolt against the British in 1848-49. Basāvā Siṅgh was included in the delegation sent with letters to Bhāī Kishan Siṅgh, Bhāī Nihāl Siṅgh and Amīr Dost Muhammad Khān of Kābul to seek support for a fresh uprising after the defeat of the Sikhs in the second Anglo-Sikh war. He returned with a reply from the Amīr and re-joined Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh at Kurālā Kalāṅ, in Hoshiārpur district. He however was not present when Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh was arrested along with his companions on 28-29 December 1849.


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M. L. Āhlūwālīā