BASSĪ KALĀṄ, pronounced Basī Kalāṅ, village 12 km southeast of Hoshiārpur (31º-32'N, 75º-55'E) claims a historical shrine called Gurdwārā Bābā Ajīt Siṅgh after the eldest son of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh, who, at his father's bidding, came here on 7 March 1703 at the head of 100 horsemen and rescued a Brāhmaṇ's bride forcibly taken away by the village chief, Jabbār Khān. The lady was restored to her husband and Jabbār Khān suitably punished. A simple mud hut that existed here as a memorial was replaced in 1980 by the present building, a 4-metre square room with a circumambulatory verandah around it, by Sant Javālā Siṅgh, who still manages it.

Gurnek Siṅgh