BHĀDRĀ (29º-10'N, 75º-15'E) in Gaṅgānagar district in Rājasthān, was, according to Sikh chronicles, visited by Gurū Gobind Siṅgh in 1706. There is however no historical shrine there. There are very few Punjabi Sikhs in the town but a number of Sindhī families, who though shaven are followers of the Sikh faith, settled here after 1947. Sikhs of Punjabi and Sindhī origin have a small Pañchāyatī Gurdwārā in Sindhī Mohallā.

        Notwithstanding what the chronicles say, the general belief among the Sikhs of this area is that the Gurū went from Nohar to Sāhvā (Suhevā) by the direct shorter route through the village of Sūrpur. This tradition is supported by Bhāī Kāhn Siṅgh, the author of Gurushabad Ratnākar Mahān Kosh. Possibly the Gurū visited Bhādrā during his stay either at Nohar or at Sāhvā (Suhevā).


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)