BHĀGĪRATH or Bhagīrath, of Malsīāṅ, an old village in present-day Jalandhar district of the Punjab, who is recorded as being one of the early disciples of Gurū Nānak, was according to Bhāī Gurdās, Vārāṅ, XI. 14, known as a worshipper of the Goddess Kālī. As the Janam Sākhīs report, Bhāgīrath had served faqīrs and sādhūs and worshipped many gods and goddesses in quest of spiritual consolation. One night, it is stated, he went to sleep adoring the stone idol in his room when he had a dream. A voice spoke to him that all his wanderings would cease if he were only to make a trip to Sultānpur, not far from his village, and meet Gurū Nānak who was a chosen one and had not till then fully revealed himself. Bhagīrath, it is said, followed the direction and sought out Gurū Nānak, at the evening prayer in his home at Sultānpur. He became a disciple and remained there spending his time praying and singing hymns with the saṅgat, the holy fellowship. His is one of the fewest names from among Sikhs of Gurū Nānak's Sultānpur days mentioned in the Janam Sākhīs. From Sultānpur he was once sent on an errand by Gurū Nānak to Lahore to make purchases for the wedding of Bhāī Mardānā's daughter. According to Sarūp Dās Bhallā, Mahimā Prakāsh, Bhāgīrath rejoined Gurū Nānak and remained in attendance at Kartārpur where the Gurū had settled down at the end of his extensive travels lasting about 20 years.


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