BHĀN SIṄGH (d. 1917), a Ghadr activist, was the son of Sāvaṇ Siṅgh, of the village of Sunet, in Ludhiāṇā district of the Punjab. As a young man, Bhān Siṅgh migrated to Shanghai and then moved to America where he started taking interest in Ghadr activity. He was among those who returned to India to make Ghadr or armed revolution in the country. Travelling by the Tosa Maru he reached Calcutta on 19 October 1914, but was arrested and interned in Montgomery jail. After preliminary interrogation, he was released from custody at the end of November 1914 to be interned in his village to prevent him from taking part in any revolutionary activity. He was rearrested in February 1915. Tried in the first Lahore conspiracy case, he was sentenced to transportation for life and forfeiture of property.

        Bhān Siṅgh died in 1917 in the Cellular Jail in the Aṇḍamans as a result of police torture.


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