BHAṄGARNĀTH, was a Gorakhpanthī yogī whom, according to the Bālā Janam Sākhī, Gurū Nānak met in one of the mountain resorts of the siddhas or adepts who through austerities and penances had attained occult powers. Bhāī Gurdās, Vārāṅ, I. 39-41, places this meeting in Achal Vaṭālā (Baṭālā), now in Gurdāspur district of the Punjab, where Gurū Nānak is said to have arrived from Kartārpur on the occasion of the Śivarātrī fair. In the discourse that ensued, Bhaṅgarnāth chided the Gurū for having discarded the garb of a recluse [referring to the way he clad himself for his journeys through different parts] and for re-entering the life of a householder. Gurū Nānak, as Bhāī Gurdās reports, said, "How will they be approved who renounce worldly life and yet go to beg at the doors of the householders?


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