BHĀNŪ, BHĀĪ, a Bahil Khatrī of Rājmahal in the present Santhāl Parganah of Bihār, was a devout Sikh of the time of Gurū Hargobind. According to Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, Bhāī Bhānū once asked Gurū Hargobind, "O true king! Different religious books prescribe different paths to be followed such as austerities, pilgrimages, sacrifices, fasting, rituals, knowledge and meditation. Which is the best way to attaining the goal?" The Gurū replied, "Cultivate God's Name with humility, and you will obtain liberation. "

        Bhāī Bhānu combined with his saintly genius a rare skill in arms. He was commander of the Sikh force in the battle of Amritsar against Mukhlis Khān in May 1629. He engaged Shamas Khān, leading the Mughal vanguard, in single combat, and felled him with a single blow. At this the enemy charged at him from all sides. Bhāī Bhānū fought back heroically and met a martyr's death.


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