BHAROVĀL, village 15 km east of Tarn Tāran (31º-27'N, 74º-56'E) along the Tarn Tāran-Goindvāl road, is sacred to Gurū Aṅgad (1504-52), who stayed here a while on his way back from Khān Chhāprī to Khaḍūr Sāhib. The commemorative shrine formerly known as Gurūāṇā is now called Gurdwārā Gurū Aṅgad Sāhib. The present complex, reconstructed during the 1980's, includes a marble floored, rectangular dīvān hall, with the sanctum at the far end and a verandah around it. Above the sanctum is a domed square room with a gold-plated pinnacle on top. A rectangular sarovar, holy tank, 36x24 metres, is to the north of the hall. Two separate Nishān Sāhibs, Sikh standards, one at each corner, fly atop high flagpoles in front. Gurū kā Laṅgar is in an adjacent compound. The Gurdwārā is maintained by the local saṅgat, Sikh community.


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Jagjīt Siṅgh