BHĪKHAN KHĀN (d. 1688) was a Paṭhān who had served in the Mughal army before joining Gurū Gobind Siṅgh at Pāoṇtā Sāhib on the recommendation of Pīr Buddhū Shāh of Sāḍhaurā. He had one hundred soldiers under his command, but he crossed over to the hill rājās on the eve of the battle of Bhaṅgāṇī (AD 1688). According to Bhāī Santokh Siṅgh, Srī Gur Pratāp Sūraj Granth, Bhīkhan Khān told the Paṭhāns in the employ of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh that the Gurū was mainly dependant on them and that the rest of his army was only a miscellaneous rabble who would run away when they heard the first shot fired. He suggested that they could save their lives by taking the side of the hillmen. They would fight in the rear of the hill armies and would obtain from the hill chiefs permission to plunder the Gurū's wealth. The Paṭhāns applauded Bhīkhan Khān's advice and joined the hill rājās against Gurū Gobind Siṅgh. When Buddhū Shāh learnt how the Paṭhān soldiers had reneged, he came forward with his four sons and seven hundred disciples to assist the Gurū. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh says in his Bachitra Nāṭak that as he saw Shāh Saṅgrām (Saṅgo Shāh), a cousin of his, fall in the battle of Bhaṅgāṇī, he took up his bow and arrows. With the first arrow, he struck a Khān who fell to the ground. He then drew out another one and aimed at Bhīkhan Khān, hitting him in the face. Leaving his horse, the bleeding Khān fled, but was killed by another arrow from the Gurū's bow.


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