BHŪPĀL SIṄGH, a son of the Gurkhā general, Amar Siṅgh Thāpā, came to Lahore and took up service under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh (1780-1839). He became an officer in a battalion in the Sikh army under General Ventura. In 1838, Bhūpāl Siṅgh returned to Nepal and was appointed to command a check post on the Indo-Nepalese border. Two years later he was selected to lead an embassy to Lahore. He left Kāṭhmaṇḍū on 6 June 1840, but the mission returned without transacting much business owing to the death in Lahore of Kaṅvar Nau Nihāl Siṅgh.


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Harī Rām Gupta