BHŪRĪĀ, BHĀĪ, a resident of Chūnīāṅ now in Pakistan, was a pious Sikh contemporary of Gurū Arjan (1563-1606). As the Gurū was once touring the Nakkā country, southwest of Lahore, succouring people then living through a severe famine, he according to Giānī Giān Siṅgh, Twārīkh Gurū Khālsā, came to Chūnīāṅ on his way from Jambar to Bahiṛvāl. Bhāī Bhūriā received the Gurū and acquainted him with the hardship the residents were undergoing. The Gurū called on Chūhaṛ Mall, the local revenue collector, who was also a disciple. The latter left no stone unturned to provide relief.


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Tāran Siṅgh