BIRK, village 10 km northeast of Jagrāoṅ (30º-7'N, 75º-28'E) in Ludhiāṇā district, is sacred to Gurū Hargobind who travelling in 1631 arrived here from Siddhvāṅ Kalāṅ. The Gurdwārā, called Mañjī Sāhib Chhevīṅ Pātshāhī, is outside the village to the southwest of it. The present complex raised in the 1970's, has a 15-metre square hall, with a pavilion of the same size in front. The Gurū Granth Sāhib is seated in a glass-panelled square room in the centre of the hall. A lotus dome covered with white and green glazed tile chips in mosaic pattern tops the three storeys of the square pavilions above the sanctum. The Gurū Granth Sāhib is also seated in the older building, a flat-roofed structure with a vaulted ceiling. The Gurdwārā is managed by a village committee. The biggest festival of the year comes off on 18 Sāvan, marking Gurū Hargobind's visit three and a half centuries ago.


    Gurbilās Chhevīṅ Pātshāhī. Patiala, 1970

Jagjīt Siṅgh