BISHAN SIṄGH, SANT (1862-1949), much honoured in recent Sikh piety, was the son of Bhāī Atar Siṅgh of Kāñjhlā, a village 18 km northwest of Saṅgrūr (30º-14'N, 75º-50'E) in the Punjab. Born in March 1862, Bishan Siṅgh received instruction in reciting Scripture from Sant Jagat Siṅgh of his own village. As he grew up he enlisted in the army, but did not serve long. Back in his village after getting his discharge, he married and had a son, whose death at the age of 13 years proved a severe blow. He left home to seek spiritual solace at the feet of Sant Atar Siṅgh of Mastūāṇā, and served him at Gur Sāgar (Mastūāṇā) and Gurū Kāshī (Talvaṇḍī Sābo). In 1935, he became the head of the centre founded by Sant Atar Siṅgh after the death of Sant Gulāb Siṅgh (also originally from Kāñjhla) who had held the office since the passing away in 1927 of the founder. Sant Bishan Siṅgh completed in 1936-37 the present building of the historical Gurdwārā Jhīṛā Sāhib at Kāñjhla, whose foundation had been laid by Sant Atar Siṅgh himself as early as 1912. Sant Bishan Siṅgh died in 1949 at a place called Koṭhī Bālevāl. His death anniversary is observed with much religious fervour in the month of August every year.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)