BISHAN SIṄGH, a general in the Sikh army, was the adopted son of Jamādār Khushāl Siṅgh, the royal chamberlain (deoṛhīdār). He received his education at the Ludhiāṇā Mission School across the Anglo Sikh-frontier. In 1848, when stationed at Piṇḍ Dādan Khān, Bishan Siṅgh was ordered to move his troops to assist Herbert Edwardes, the British resident's assistant at Bannū, who was then marching against Dīwān Mūl Rāj at Multān. A few months after, his troops revolted and joined the insurrectionists, but Bishan Siṅgh sided with the British and joined Lord Gough's camp. For this he was rewarded with a pension by the British government.


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Gulcharan Siṅgh