BUḌḌHĀ SIṄGH (b. 1891), a Ghadr revolutionary, was son of Īshar Siṅgh of the village of Sur Siṅgh, now in Amritsar district. He served in the Mule Battery at Bareilly but deserted and went to Shanghai, where he became a night watchman. He returned to India to take part in the armed revolution planned by the Ghadr Party and arrived in Calcutta aboard the S. S. Namsang on 13 October 1914. Finding that deserters were being retaken by their regiments, Buḍḍhā Siṅgh went back to Bareilly and rejoined the Mule Battery. It was there that he was arrested and brought to Lahore to stand trial in the supplementary Lahore conspiracy case of 1915. He was 24 at that time and was sentenced to transportation for life and forfeiture of property on 30 March 1916. He died in the Aṇḍamans jail where prisoners were given the harshest treatment. Torture and beating were part of it.


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Surjīt Siṅgh Gāndhī