BURN, Lt-Col. , who commanded British detachments at Deoband, now in Uttar Pradesh, led in 1804 an expedition against the cis-Sutlej Sikh chiefs, Gurdit Siṅgh of Lāḍvā and Karnāl, Sher Siṅgh of Būṛīā, Rāi Siṅgh of Jagādhrī, Jodh Siṅgh of Kālsīā and Mahtāb Siṅgh of Thānesar, who had fought against the British in alliance with the Marāṭhās in 1803. Burn's troops joined hands with those of Birch and Skinner, and defeated the Sikhs at Sahāranpur on 18 December 1804. The British commander-in-chief granted amnesty to all the Sikhs except Gurdit Siṅgh. Burn arrived at Karnāl, and secured from him the surrender of the town.


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B. J. Hasrat