CHAND KAUR, RĀṆĪ (d. 1840), daughter of Jai Siṅgh of the village of Chainpur in Amritsar district, was married to Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh in 1815 by the rite of chādar andāzī, i. e. covering the head with a piece of cloth (chādar=sheet or coverlet + andāzī = throwing around or enfolding or covering), a rite having sanction under customary law to facilitate marriage with a widow who is accepted into nuptials by unfurling a chādar or sheet of cloth over the head. No religious ceremony is required. Local gentry, kins and friends will be present. Covering the widow's head symbolizes that the man has vowed to take her under his care.

        Rāṇī Chand Kaur died in 1840.


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