CHAND or CHANDĀ, a goldsmith by profession, was one of the poets and scholars who enjoyed the patronage of Gurū Gobind Siṅgh (See BAVAÑJĀ KAVĪ). He rendered "Udyoga Parva" of the Mahābhārata into Hindi verse. His work is preserved as a part of a Mahābhārata manuscript in the private collecton of the Mahārājā of Paṭiālā. In one of the couplets at the beginning of his work, the poet says that he had already translated "Karṇa Parva" from the Sanskrit text, but no copy of this work is known to exist. Another short work of Chand is Parīchhā, preserved in manuscript (No. 135) in the Languages Department, Punjab, at Paṭiālā. Miscellaneous devotional stanzas by Chand have also been located in other manuscripts. A manuscript, Triyā Charitra, with Chand as the author's pseudonym, is also ascribed to this poet.


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Piārā Siṅgh Padam