CHŪHAṚ, CHAUDHARĪ and Purīā, both village headmen, attracted by Gurū Arjan's fame as a holy teacher, once visited him. They said, "O beneficent one, we have long desired to seek your precept. In our official capacity as village chaudharīs, we commit many wrongs and utter many falsehoods. Be pleased to tell us how we can be saved. " The Gurū answered, "The remedy is simple; discard falsehood, anger and pride. " At this Purīā argued, "But, Sir, as chaudharīs we have so often to tell lies. " Gurū Arjan said, "Establish a dharamsāl, or place of religious congregation in your village; attend it morning and evening; and get whatever falsehood you utter or wrongs you commit during the day recorded there in the evening. Record also your good deeds. " Chūhaṛ and Purīā obeyed. They felt ashamed as they made their confessions to the saṅgat every evening. Gradually they got rid of their habit of lying. Listening to the Gurūs' hymns morning and evening they became pious and devoted Sikhs.


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