DASAUNDHĀ SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (1892-1921), one of the Nankāṇā Sāhib martyrs, was born on 28 August 1892, the son of Bhāī Hīrā Siṅgh and Māī Mān Kaur of village Harīpur, in Jalandhar district. The family later migrated to Chakk No. 91 Dhannuāṇā in the newly developed canal district of Lyallpur, now in Pakistan. Dasaundhā Siṅgh was married and was father of two children-a daughter and a son-when he enlisted in the jathā or column of Akālī volunteers led by Lachhmaṇ Siṅgh Dhārovālī, and attained martyrdom of Nankāṇā Sāhib on 20 February 1921.



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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī