DAULTĀṄ, a Muslim midwife of the village of Talvaṇḍī Rāi Bhoi, who attended the birth of Bābā Kālū's son who became renowned as Gurū Nānak. As the birth of a male child was announced, Bābā Kālū requested the family Paṇḍit, Hardiāl, to cast the child's horoscope. As Hardiāl worked out the stellar configuration, he was, says Bālā Janam Sākhī, much impressed and wished to know if the midwife had not seen any signs. Daultāṅ, who was sent for to speak with him, said that there were many children born under her care, but none so extraordinary as Kālū's son. She described his first cry as the laughter of a grown up person and expressed her amazement at the portents she had witnessed.


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