DESĀṄ, MĀĪ, a childless woman from a Sandhū Jaṭṭ family of Paṭṭī in Amritsar district, once approached Gurū Hargobind praying for the boon of a child. The Gurū advised her to remain content with what God had willed for her, but, as she persisted in her request, he made a prayer for her. Māī Desāṅ, says Gurbilās Chhevīṅ Pātshāhī, had in course of time seven sons, whose descendants now inhabit the village of Chabbā, 8 km south of Amritsar. Gurdwārā Saṅgrāṇā Sāhib at Chabbā marks the spot where Māī Desāṅ is believed to have met the Gurū.


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