ḌHESĪ, BHĀĪ, and Bhāī Jodh, both Brāhmaṇs converted to Sikhism, once came to Gurū Arjan and complained, "O True King ! other Brāhmaṇs treat us as outcastes, for they tell us that by taking a Khatrī as a gurū, by discarding Sanskrit, the language of the gods, and singing hymns of gurbāṇī composed in the common dialect, and by the non-observance of fasts and other rituals and prayers, we are no longer fit to sit and dine with them. They are especially sore because in preference to the traditional places of pilgrimage like the Gaṅgā and Kāshī, we come to Amritsar. Pray, tell us how should we answer them. " "Caste, " said Gurū Arjan, "has no meaning. He alone is a true Brāhmaṇ who meditates on Brahmaṇ. You should concentrate on śabda, the Divine Word. Thereby will you attain true understanding. " Bhāī Ḍhesī and Bhāī Jodh fell at the Gurū's feet.


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Tāran Siṅgh